Computer science courses are taught at SJCS for students from Tk through 8th grade and focus on introducing foundational concepts in computer science and technology. These courses aim to develop digital literacy, problem-solving skills, and computational thinking in young students. Below is an overview of the topics and activities that might be covered in such courses:

  1. Introduction to Computers and Technology:

    • Basic computer skills, including using a mouse and keyboard.
    • Introduction to the Google Suite (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides) for basic document creation and collaboration.
    • Introduction to age-appropriate coding concepts through visual programming tools like Scratch Junior.
    • Basic typing skills with simplified keyboarding exercises and games.
  2. Digital Literacy and Online Safety:

    • Further exploration of the Google Suite, emphasizing document formatting, presentation skills, and cloud-based collaboration.
    • Introduction to online safety, including responsible internet use, privacy, and cyberbullying awareness.
    • Introduction to coding through block-based languages like Scratch or Blockly.
    • Developing basic touch typing skills with interactive typing software.
  3. Coding and Computational Thinking:

    • More advanced coding concepts using block-based languages or an introduction to text-based programming languages like Python or JavaScript.
    • Exploring 3D printing technology, including design principles and creating simple 3D models using software like Tinkercad.
    • Introduction to algorithms and problem-solving techniques.
    • Continuing to develop typing skills for improved efficiency.
  4. Projects and Practical Application:

    • Collaborative projects that involve designing and coding interactive games, simple websites, or multimedia presentations.
    • In-depth exploration of 3D printing technology, including designing, printing, and troubleshooting 3D models.
    • Introduction to computer hardware components and basic troubleshooting skills.
    • Encouraging creativity and innovation through technology-related projects.

Throughout these courses, there is an emphasis on developing critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Additionally, the curriculum evolves to keep up with advances in technology and educational tools. It's essential to make the learning experience engaging and age-appropriate, encouraging students to explore their interests in computer science and technology while building a strong foundation for future learning.