UCode is looking forward to working with your student this academic year at SJCS on developing their coding and computational thinking skills.

We have been teaching coding to students in Los Angeles since 2009. We have a nationally recognized curriculum and relationships with University of Southern California and Cornell University, through E-Cornell.

Our courses are student led and teacher supported, meaning students proceed at their own pace. Courses are well documented and course worksheets are available for students and parents to download and review on the SJCS online classroom (details forthcoming).

For students in Grade 1-5, our instructors will be at SJCS to lead the learning. Other grades will be conducted online with fixed class times during the school day. However, older students may also avail of the over 250 classes a month we offer at times outside of the school day on These include advanced courses in Python, Java, JSS, Machine Learning, Unity, Roblox Lua, and Blockchain.

This allows older students with previous coding experience to “level” into the right course, as well as make up classes they may have missed at SJSC. It also allows you as a parent to purchase additional courses or classes beyond what is offered at SJCS if you believe that this is an area of strength for your student. You do this by purchasing points which are valid for12 months and allow you to sign up for additional classes. A portion of the proceeds go to support SJCS coding programs.

At UCode we believe that technology is very much a part of the fabric of our children’s lives. Regardless of their dreams – be it a musician, teacher or brain surgeon, building this basic fluency is critical. Your school leadership understands this.

On a personal note, I taught my daughters to code when they were in the 3rd and 5th grades. They recently graduated from Ivy League schools. Lauren joined IBM this year and her sister works for a leading Ad Tech company in New York City. It all worked out for our family. I believe it was because they learned to think computationally. They think it is because they worked hard,JRegardless, as parents we want our kids to do well in their lives – whatever they choose to pursue– the SJCS coding courses are a great first step in preparing them for that future.