CEF Zoom Virtual Application Processing for St. John Chrysostom School- MARCH 10, 2021

Below is a walk-through of how parents can set up their appointments with CEF via our new Online System (This is for Financial Aid offered by the Catholic Education Foundation). Appointments will take place MARCH 10, 2021
1. Log on to www.cefdn.org
2. At the CEF Home page, on the top menu bar hover over the CONTACT US link and a drop-down menu will appear, SELECT "TAP Appointments"
3. SELECT “CLICK HERE” on the "TAP Appointments" webpage (Make sure to turn off any “Pop-up Blockers”)
4. SELECT “Next” on the Welcome Screen
5. Choose a Location where your students will be attending (ELEMENTARY SCHOOL) and SELECT “Next"
6. Choose a Time to meet with CEF Representatives and SELECT “Next”
7. Enter in your information to reserve your appointment (Make sure to enter your Cell and Email in order to get text and email reminders) and SELECT “Save”
8. Please fill out the Digital Application before your Appointment, DO NOT fill out a paper application if you will be submitting it through Zoom. Once you join the Zoom Meeting the CEF representative will provide you with an email address where you will email your completed application.
9. A reminder for parents attending the virtual application processing via Zoom: Any parents that miss the virtual application process can turn in their applications through the school.