Pastor's Corner

Dear Friends in Christ,

Welcome to St. John Chrysostom School! We consider our Parish School to be the “jewel in the crown” of our parish. Since its founding in 1927, our school has been blessed with the presence of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet who continue their mission of educating the children of our community.

The philosophy of our school is well summed up in our shield:

The cross represents Christianity. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the center of our lives and the center of everything we do at St. John Chrysostom’s. Each student receives a solid Catholic education from the beginning of our Developmental Kindergarten to the end of 8th grade. Each day includes communal prayer and religious instruction. Our children attend Mass weekly with their class and participate throughout the year in a variety of devotions and spiritual exercises. They are taught to live lives of virtue and goodness striving always toward sanctity.

The lamp represents Wisdom. We want each child in our school to receive the highest quality education possible with rigorous academic standards. Each child is prepared to advance to high school and our graduates are accepted to the best high schools in the area. We strive to assist each child in developing the talents God has given each one.

The flag represents Patriotism. Our school forms each child to be a fruitful member of society and a patriotic citizen of the United States. Through participation in a variety of community service programs, celebration of patriotic holidays, visits to museums and galleries, as well as drama and the arts, our children learn to be well-rounded individuals who care for all of God’s children.

The crown represents Leadership as well as our Patron Saint. Each child in our school is seen as an individual who is capable of exercising leadership in our society and in the Church. We want to form each one to live out a life of virtue and integrity, always realizing that true leadership means service to God and neighbor.

The fleur de lis in the center represents both the Blessed Virgin Mary as well as the heritage of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. The motto “Humilitas et Caritas” is the motto of the Sisters and beautifully testifies to our goal of assisting each child to be a solid Christian who serves humbly and charitably.

I hope all of the above gives you a good understanding of our philosophy at St. John’s. Remember that “A Catholic Education is an Advantage for Life.”

In Christ and St. John Chrysostom,

Rev. Marcos J. Gonzalez