Christmas Spirit Week

We are so excited to tell you about our Christmas Spirit Week! Every day, we have fun themes planned for you! Before we tell you about each day, we wanted to remind you that we are hosting a Christmas Program and a Gingerbread House competition!


The Christmas Program is going to be this Thursday, December 16th at 7:00pm! We are asking all students to send us videos of their Christmas talents by MONDAY, December 14th at 8:00pm. You could write a poem, sing a song, submit a TikTok, create your own play, dance with your family, or even put on a puppet show! The sky is your limit; we just ask that it is related to Christmas!

If you’re wondering how to submit your video, you can simply email it to [email protected] when you are ready! We look forward to seeing your great talents! Plus, all participants who send in an individual video, not with their class, will receive a $5 Gift Card to In N Out! 

For the Student Council gingerbread house, we are going to be giving the winners a $10 Starbucks or Chick Fila Gift card! To participate in our gingerbread house competition, you need to submit a photo of your completely edible gingerbread house by Wednesday, December 16th at 9:00pm!

For the Christmas Spirit Week, we are going to have different themes each day! On Monday, it will be Pajama Day, so stay in your cozies all day!

On Tuesday, 2nd-5th graders have to wear their uniforms for mass, but then can change into Green, Red, and White with the rest of the students!

On Wednesday, we are all taking a trip to the North Pole and dressing like we are in Santa’s workshop. You can dress up as an elf, Santa, reindeer, or anyone else you would find in the North Pole! On Thursday, the middle schoolers need to wear their uniform for mass, but can change into a Winter Wonderland theme afterwards. Students can wear hats, mittens, snowflakes, frozen themed costumes, or blue and white clothing! On Friday, we will be celebrating our final day of school before Christmas break by wearing Christmas sweaters! The uglier, the better! Thanks for participating in our Christmas Spirit Week!