Monthly All School Masses

As a Catholic school, our faith is an essential piece of our education. Students attend virtual mass on Tuesdays (1st Grade - 5th Grade) and Thursdays (6th - 8th Grade). On top of these virtual masses, we offer in-person, socially distant all school masses once a month as well. 
In order to safely host mass, we take COVID-19 guidelines very seriously. Before anyone is allowed on campus, they are screened with questions and temperature checks. All participants are required to wear masks while on campus. 
Before mass, all the chairs are sanitized. We work closely with the parish to set-up the chairs to ensure they are 6 feet apart from other families. Hand sanitizer stations are easily accessible as well. Mass is offered in tents in the parking lot to improve airflow. 
Our parish offers mass every day at 8:30am (English) and 6:30pm (Spanish) during the week. On Sundays, the parish offers a variety of masses in English and Spanish. I encourage you to check out their website for further details. 
On November 18th, St. John's is putting on an Alumni Remembrance Mass at 4:30pm. We encourage you to come out and join our community whether in person or virtually via our church's YouTube channel.