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Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities such as the decathlon, student council, junior ambassador, sports program, and The Cougar Chronicle are utilized to build learning and leadership skills. The leadership skills addressed are honesty, self-discipline, ethical decision-making, team effort, and appreciation for other’s talents.

Some of the learning skills addressed are critical thinking, creativity, setting goals and following through, and connecting academics with life-experiences. Furthermore, technology is employed to attend to some of the needs of the students. For example, all classes attended weekly media center classes to support learning.

Students respond to the needs of the less fortunate in our society through actively participating in many fundraising, food drives, and collecting money.

Students in the upper grades interact with students in the primary grades in school families and in many activities throughout the school year. We build a Christian Family Community.

We have an effective sports program during recess, physical education classes and after school. We have an excellent athletic director and physical education teacher. They set up activities for students to engage in during recess. They created a dynamic physical education curriculum and after school sports program.