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Students at St. John Chrysostom receive a traditional elementary school education with an emphasis on reading, writing and mathematics. Teachers are encouraged to engage children through creative teaching styles, igniting their curiosity and imaginations. All of the curriculum meets the guidelines and requirements set by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Department of Catholic Schools.

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At the end of each report card period, students may be eligible for honorary recognition according to the following:

Academic Honor Roll

Students in grades 4-8 who have a B+ average (3.3) in major subject areas and above
average conduct and effort

Principal’s List

Students with outstanding performance in both conduct and effort

Students who are strong supporters of school rules and activities.


The California Junior Scholarship Federation is a statewide organization founded for the purpose of fostering high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship.

Membership is available to 7th and 8th grade students who meet both grade point and citizenship requirements as outlined in the CJSF Constitution.

Student of the Month

Students must maintain at least average grades and are outstanding in meeting the criteria set up by the teachers.  Each month the students are made aware of the virtue to practice.  Each class will feature one student per month.  Every student will have an equal opportunity to qualify, because the criteria are not based on academics or athletic ability.


Please refer to classroom webpages to contact teachers or to see about your student’s assignments.

The time allotments for homework depends on follow-up from the day’s instructions, and are geared to each student’s needs and ability. Students who experience a great amount of difficulty with their school subjects are expected to accomplish only what they can during the allotted time, provided that homework is done without distractions such as T.V. or telephone. If a student has consistent difficulty with homework assignments, or if too much time is spent in their completion, the teacher should be contacted. A note from the parent is an acceptable excuse for work not completed. Since it is of great importance that we teach responsibility to the children, they may not call home for forgotten homework or forgotten projects.

Ordinarily, homework assignments are not given on weekends or holiday(with the exception for long-range assignments or make-up work). It is the responsibility of the student to obtain and complete absentee make-up assignments. It is not the policy of the school for teachers to give homework to students who are absent due to vacation. This too, is the responsibility of the student to make up the work.

Grades DK and K: No assigned homework
Grades 1-2: Not to exceed 30 minutes
Grades 3-6: Not to exceed 1 hour
Grades 7-8: Not to exceed 2 hours