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Teachers at St. John Chrysostom follow the Archdiocesan and California Curriculum standards for all subjects. To measure progress in meeting the standards, teachers use a variety of assessment methods: group projects, presentations, research papers, testing, conferencing with teachers, homework, review of corrected assignments, progress reports, and report cards.

Common Core standards have been unpacked and are being implemented with some modifications. 

The school is moving to Star online testing for the following school year and is equipped with computers for their use. 


St. John Academics


In addition to teacher-made tests which are part of assessment, the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) is administered to all students in grades 2-8 in the Fall. The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) is administered to students in grades 4 and 7 in the Fall. The Assessment of Catholic Religious Education (ACRE), givein grades 5 and 8, is designed to assess religious knowledge of the students.

Title 1

Inglewood Unified School District keeps us informed regarding any Title 1 funds. They provide a Title 1 teacher, a teacher assistant and a mobile classroom for this purpose. We also have funds to purchase materials and funds for parent meetings.


Many students become involved in our tutoring program. Peer tutoring assists below level students. Service hours are offered as an incentive, but they are often not necessary. After school tutoring is offered as well as in several classes to assist below-level students.

Student Success Team

For struggling students, the student success Team offers those students and their parents a way to track their own progress or lack thereof. It has proven an excellent intervention tool for students who work below grade level and/or experience difficulties with their behavior. Teachers help students set goals, follow through and be held accountable for their work. We need to expand the Student Success team to serve more of our struggling students.

Rising test scores attest to the success of these programs.